Sacrifice short term pleasure for long term success.

Have you ever heard the expression good things come to those who wait? This is 100% true but let’s add to that shall we. Good things come to those who wait and sacrifice.

What good things are coming? Freedom, Independence, Prosperity, Good-Health, Money, Wealth, and Knowledge. These are just some of the things that can be obtained from making sacrifices today so that you can reap the benefits of them tomorrow. What do you need to sacrifice in order to receive these benefits? I have a better question to ask you. What are you willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to fight until your last breath to achieve freedom? Unfortunately most people are not.

A lot of people have this limiting belief that they are not able to do certain things or that they don’t have the time.  How many times have you told yourself “I’m too busy to do that today, it can wait until tomorrow.” We all have 24 hours to work with everyday and I’m telling you right now that if you can’t find the time to put in work so that you can grow, you will always put it off until tomorrow. Until you stop lying to yourself about how you are “too busy” to go work out, go back to school, start that new business, get a new job, whatever it is that you want in life. Until then, it will never happen, and every year you’ll make that New Years resolution and let yourself down.

What must you sacrifice? That depends on how bad you want to achieve a goal. Some people want to achieve things so bad that they are willing to sacrifice their life for it. Others won’t even sacrifice not watching their favorite TV show to study for school. I’m reminded of a saying that goes You must be able at any moment, to sacrifice what you are now, for what you can become. Nothing happens overnight BUT you can take steps every single day to achieve your goals in life.


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