All aboard!! (Be the captain of your life and learn to let go)

What’s that one thing that’s hard for you to let go? Is it something that someone said to you that wasn’t very nice? Or maybe it’s an ex that you can’t seem to get over. Or MAYBE someone cut you off in traffic or your way to work this morning, it’s lunch time now, and you’re STILL upset. Whatever it is you have to train your mind to think differently about these situations. Now I’m not saying everything happens for a reason because that doesn’t make sense, some things just happen. As a matter of fact let’s start by changing our mindset of everything happens for some ominous reason, and let’s change it to EVERYTHING HAPPENS. Everything happens, now what are you going to do about it?

Don’t think about your problems or your situation if you’re not thinking about a solution. Don’t dwell on negative things that change the course of your day because they can eventually change the course of your life. Think about your life as a ship and you’re the captain. What happens if you get distracted by things instead of staying the course? You get off course just a little, and over time the result of that will stray you off exponentially. It will put you out-of-the-way and not focused on your end goal (your version of success).

So you may be asking how you get this mindset of not thinking about things that piss you off or upset you. What you should be asking is WHY they piss you off or upset you or hurt you or make you sad. There is always a deeper issue buried somewhere underneath it all and it’s up to you to uncover it. Change the way you look at a situation and you’ll be surprised how creative the mind is at finding a solution. Learn to get out of your own way by not focusing necessarily on the problems that face you, but more so your actions and how you deal with conflict. Change your bad habits and your mentality and you can change the course of your life for the better. Be the captain of your own life, stay the course, and nothing can stop you!

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